Thursday, July 1, 2010

One day all MCGM teachers will send their own children to MCGM schools

As much as I love this line that Ashish Singh penned down as our vision for the MCGM project, I was yanked back to reality today when one teacher explained to me why she was urging a parent to send her child to a private school. So, apparently the child in question was so bright that she shouldn't be wasted in a municipal school like ours. And this coming from a teacher who is supposed to be directly correlated to the definition of education, was disheartening to say the least. I'm just wondering about whom these schools are supposed to cater too? The lowly and destitute are too downtrodden to instruct their children to value education (so I've heard) and hence they don't have a future as it is and the brighter ones should go some place else so they are saved!

But I do realise that the teacher had the best interest of that child at heart and that's what makes this so dreadful! And I'm going to come back a full circle and admit that that's the very reason the vision makes so much sense!

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  1. Veena, you are correct... But the sad part is we have to accept the fact that 99% of students in MCGM schools are coming from slums and most of their parents are from criminal background who usually use bad words. Also, the results from these schools are never going up by 37% !!!

    And this is the reason, no one want to see their child to get spoiled like them. What would you prefer for your kids? MCGM or a GOOD class schools?