Saturday, August 21, 2010

A poem - a pebbleI

Today was the concluding day of a leadership training program. In the parting session, we were asked to write a poem on an object in nature. We were told later on that the object represents 'I'. So I came up with this in the next 10 mins. Here goes...

Roundish, brownish, dusty, free
Lying alone with more like me
I feel the feel of a childish palm
Plop! into a lake quite calm
I make the ripples all around
And shine, squeak, clean and brown

Reddish, brownish, dusty, free
Staring beneath a mighty tree
That hands that pick me and four
I bump against my fellows more
Up I fly, she catches me,
Down I'm put, all but three

Roundish, brownish, dusty, free
Below a foot make sounds eerie
The pebbles all around like me
Rubbing against me and see
Into a bottle, there I go
All ready to see, the world at show